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Group Anaesthetic Services – Finances

The information contained below is intended for patients and medical secretaries only.

We have a number of options available to you.  They are:

Insured Patients: 
Individuals with medical insurance can use their policies to settle the anaesthetists fees.  Please be aware though that your anaesthetists fees may be above or below levels set by your insurance company.  We therefore advise you to contact us directly to find our whether there will be any shortfall on your account prior to your anaesthetic.  Some of our anaesthetists will write to you prior to your surgery advising you what your anaesthetic fee will be.

Please be aware that not all medical insurance companies will cover anaesthetic nerve blocks.

Fixed Price Surgeries:
Some healthcare providers offer fixed price surgical packages. Your anaesthetic fee will therefore be covered in full within this package.

For those individuals whom are not insured, we will invoice you following each surgery but we are happy for you to telephone us for a quote or to pay prior to your surgery.

Please note that we accept payment by either cheque made payable to the specific anaesthetist and all major cards are accepted.

Link to:
www.aagbi.org/publications/guidelines Voluntary Code of Practice

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